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Machanical Excursion Xmax (Peak) /- 15 В другом мануале написано Xmax 30 Ground Zero GZIW 250X Linear excursion (one direction) 7.5 Effective Xmax 16. XMAX stands for "Excursion Maximum". Q: A: How to abbreviate "Excursion Maximum"?One of the definitions of XMAX is "Excursion Maximum". Q: A: What does XMAX mean? XMAX: Экскурсия максимум. Что означает XMAX? Выше, является одним из смыслов XMAX. Оно может иметь другие определения.Определение в английском языке: Excursion Maximum. Why design for an excursion of Xmax 10. The short answer is that by accepting a little distortion, a higher SPL is achievable. Of course, there is always more to the story This calculator can solve for one piston excursion parameter while changing the other variables. For example: tell the calculator the number of drivers, cone diameter, desired volume level, a frequency and it will calculate how much driver excursion (Xmax) Иными слова это значения игриков: наиб. и наим. , а xmax и xmin это иксы при которых игрики достигают таких значений. Чтобы найти xmax и xmin надо найти производную и прировнять ее к нулю. Корни этого уравнения и будут xmax и xmin. А кстати, Xmax - это ход движения диффузора, мне говорили, что для его определения нужно в ручную измерить линейкой. Но напрашивается вопрос: ход движения в Alphard Sound Technology. EDGE EDP122-E6 Максимальный Ход! | Excursion Test. serDecibel. Можно сказать, что это условия, при которых все движущиеся части динамической системы синхронизированы, или входят в резонанс.Динамик с xmax 10 мм может двигать диффузор в два раза дальше, чем динамик с xmax 5.

Не путайте xmax с maximum excursion Testing excursion of a new high xmax 15" pro woofer made by Eminence. Slow motion capture.- 2017 Yamaha X-Max 300 Review For some reason big scooters arent popular in the UK and hence Ive never ridden one before.(Qes) Total Q (Qts) Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (Vd) Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms) BL Product (BL) Diaphragm Mass inc. Airload (Mms) Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax) Surface Area of Cone (Sd) xMAX monsters 83. Автор материала82 Bojarskiy 03:37, 2017-05-17. Народ.подскажите по возможности.Скачал anniversary edition.Попробовал поставить xmax мод, пишет какую-то ерунду после того как пробуешь войти в свою игру.Но при этом играть можно и мобов больше,но не The X-max must therefore be understood as "effective workspace".The volume of air moved is your maximum excursion times your cone area. The Xmax used in this chart is the correct one-fromneutral position to the max travel in front.

The x-max specification is the speakers excursion capabilities. This number, usually in millimeters, describes how much 1-way linear excursion the driver has.Others may get very nasty or have audible bottoming at any excursion above x-max. Доброго времени суток всем! В программах типа JBL и прочих при расчете акустики по параметрам динамика требуется параметр Xmax - максимальный ход динамика. Собственно вопрос: что это такое? and low harmonic distortion Low power compression losses Waterproof cone with treatment for both sides of the cone Ultra high excursion capabilities (Xmax 12,5 mm) Low frequency extension, deep sound and high control. Its natural to assume max means maximum, and the conclusion most people reach is that X max means maximum excursion in dimension X, which is nearly right.Xmax is generally regarded as maximum linear excursion but what exactly does that mean? Xmax: 18 mm.Related Manuals for EXCURSION SXE 1002 EXELLENCE. Subwoofer EXCURSION SX-8S4 Owners Manual. Sx series high performance subwoofer (12 pages). Traditionally(up until recent methods of measurement have improved) X-max has allways been though of as the maximum amount of excursion you can go beforeI believe that Xmax should be stated as the largest excursion possible before distortion is audible. XMAX. (redirected from Excursion Maximum). Acronym. Definition. XMAX. Excursion Maximum (speakers). Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmasters page for free fun content. Cloth Sony Max Excursion .mp3. два Alpine SWG-1244 .mp3. Real subwoofer xmax! Maximum power with bass mekanik! .mp3.Alpine SWE-1243E X-MAX (4cm P-P 110W sin Free-Air) .mp3. Testing Out 200 Watts on Type R 10s 1 .mp3. Динамик с xmax 10 мм может двигать диффузор в два раза дальше, чем динамик с xmax 5. Не путайте xmax с maximum excursion (максимальное выдвижение диффузора). maximum excursion - максимальное выдвижение Excursion Test. Edge ED512D4 в Музыкальном коробе! EDGE 122 SPL E62 разминка. Описание. Галерея X-max в Уфе одно из самых популярных культурных учреждений Башкортостана. Создана в 1992 году двумя местными художниками.www.xmax-gallery.ru. Режим работы Depends on what you mean by excursion. Xmax is the maximum linear excursion before the coil windings in the gap (where the magnetic field is focused) starts to reduce. Xmag is the measured linear excursion before BL (motor force) starts to drop off appreciably. Xmax - Xmin R. Расчет интервала группировок.Xmin -- минимальное значение признака в ряду распределения R -- размах вариации (разница между Xmax и Xmin) n -- число групп. I hope youve learned from this blog and will continue reading my articles every week! This week the focus is on Xmax. This is directly related to excursion, and its how far the cone of the speaker can travel in one direction. Можно сказать что это условия при которых все движущиеся части динамической системы синхронизированы или входят в резонанс.Динамики с xmax 10 мм может двигать диффузор в два раза дальше чем динамик с xmax 5. Не путайте xmax с maximum excursion Im looking at a sub that says it has over 3" Excursion peak to peak, the specs say Xmech is 45mm(1.7") and Xmax is 15mm(.6mm).Xmax/Xmech - Maximum peak linear excursion of driver, in meters. when the target excursion is still well within the usable excursion limits of the driver (rated Xmax of 15.4mm).Waveforms at 12.7m m Xmax. XBL2 motors are useful for all. audio transducers. Xmax (millimeters) Typically measured in millimeters, the Xmax value is the measure of a speaker cones maximum excursion in one direction while maintaining a linear behavior. close [x]. theory? well x-max is total maximum movement(from a new sub) all will depend on how you tune the enclosure and the motor controll it will have, but plain an simpleXmax is commonly measured as the amount of 1-way excursion while staying within 70 of the Bl value(motor strength). Peak to peak Xmax is just that.the maximum excursion that the cone/coil can travel in either direction without leaving the gap, which would result in non-linear distortion. Effective Pistone Area (Sd). 1244 sq.cm. Excursion (Xmax). Динамики с xmax 10 мм может двигать диффузор в два раза дальше чем динамик с xmax 5. Не путайте xmax с maximum excursion (максимальное выдвижение диффузора). maximum excursion Does this really mean that once Xmax is exceeded that. A) The Coil is now traveling through a less linear and stable part of the magnetic Field? B) The Suspesion Resistance Becomes Less Linear or compliant? Сабвуферы. Серия Excursion. Мощность номинальная 175 Вт. Vas - эквивалентный объём 60 л. Mms - движущая масса 52 г. Xmax - длина хода катушки динамика 5 мм. Testing excursion of a new high xmax 15" pro woofer made by Eminence. Slow motion capture. Test was done below tuning so the driver was unloaded to show Динамики с xmax 10 мм может двигать диффузор в два раза дальше чем динамик с xmax 5. Не путайте xmax с maximum excursion (максимальное выдвижение диффузора). maximum excursion - максимальное выдвижение Note that, because of mechanical issues, the motion of a driver cone becomes non-linear with large excursions, especially those in excess of this parameter.Vd - Peak displacement volume, calculated by Vd SdXmax. Есть такие параметры у сабов Xmax, Xmag, X-mech О чём они говорят ? У сабов Oris ASW Xmax- 14mm Helix P12 Xmax(min)-11mm Hertz ES300 X-mech - 14.5mm Alpine SWR1242 (Hvc-Hag)/2 ( Xmax) - 18.2mm Xmag - 19.4mm Я так Xmax - Maximum linear peak (or sometimes peak-to-peak) excursion (in mm) of the cone.Как правило если не указано - то подразумевается что это р-р, из опыта скажу, да и по логике вещей производитель никогда уменьшать цифры не While XTZ says that the cones are very durable, Im still worried if I might break them from over excursion. My question is if any of you guys have any knowledge about the normal maximum excursion (xmax) for speakers with 6.5" woofers? Woofer Excursion 30mm Xmax Orion Hcca 12 Subs Mmat Amps.Woofer Excursion 30mm xmax Orion hcca 12 subs mmat amps 5 out of 5.

xMax developed by xG Technology, Inc. is a proposed radio frequency (RF) modulation and encoding technology that will use individual or "integer" sinusoidal waves to convey information.XMAX — abbr. Excursion Maximum (speakers) GZPW 15Xmax TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. Product name Product type Diameter Mounting diameter Mounting depth Magnet dimension Total weight Voice coil diameter Voice coil winding height Voice coil wire material Voice coil former material Top plate height Linear excursion (one Продажа автозвука и комплектующих! vk.com/decibelshop instagram.com/serdecibel. what excursion over the published xmax is considered too much? i have had a pd186 sounding twice as loud with about 1" excursion than when it was within its 9mm xmax limit. and it sounded no less defined than when keeping within xmax. why in real life terms XMAX is defined as Excursion Maximum (speakers) rarely.XMAX stands for Excursion Maximum (speakers). Suggest new definition. : Excursion Test Of Denovo 15 High Xmax Pro Woofer Manufactured By Eminence - Vido1 is the best way of watch share upload download videos. We provide the best quality videos for download and watching.

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