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Christian Crusades – History

The Christian Crusades’ history has been highly influential in Europe and throughout the world. It managed to eradicate many Christians for about two centuries and directly affected the lives of the surviving Christians. The Christian Crusades’ history had eradicated an estimated 6,000,000 Christians during their reign. The estimates actually ranges from 2,000,000 to 6,000,000 based from various estimates and references in history. The Christian Crusades’ history had been quite a disorderly and horrifying experience for the Christians. The Christians suffered much from the hands of the Crusaders, not to mention the loss of wealth and the traumatic suffering that they experienced. The elements of war such as tumultuous scenes, crime, disturbance in people’s way of living, taking hostages, and other traumatic events often accompanied the holy war between nations and regions. However, most holy wars would result to something good that could last forever. The lessons and the pain that they left behind became the most popular lessons to remember in the history of any nation, sect, or related religion. The Christian Crusades’ military campaigns and sanctions highly influenced the following
·       Role of the Catholic church
·       Power of the Catholic church
·       Progress or economy of affected civilization
·       Impact on the politics of the nation
·       Impede social improvement
·       Intellectual development
·       Commerce and feudalism structure
·       Material development including voyages relating to discovery

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